Terms & Conditions

Golf & Business Together Terms & Conditions February 2015

Please Remember: 

Golf & Business Together Ltd (GBT) is a membership organisation for like minded individuals. For your continued enjoyment, GBT is an annual subscription service. This means that at the end of each membership period we'll send you a renewal reminder by post and/or email and your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled. 

Details of how to cancel are contained in your welcome pack and/or renewal reminder, which are sent according to the contact details you provided when you joined. You are required to immediately inform of us, by email, of any changes to your correspondence address(es) (including email and physical postal). We will not be held liable for any non-receipt of communication from us, including, but not limited to, any renewal reminders.  

MEMBERSHIP AGREEMENT for Golf & Business Together Events (the "Agreement") is made between You ("the Member"); and

Golf & Business Together Limited, trading as GBT Management & Events, a company registered in England and Wales under company number 9252981 and with our registered office at 5 Oakfield, Sale, Cheshire M33 6TT ("GBT").

You should print a copy of this "Agreement" for your future reference. Golf & Business Together Ltd reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to refuse any person from becoming a Member. Please read the "Agreement" carefully and make sure that you fully understand them before becoming a member of the GBT. Please note that if you refuse to accept this "Agreement" and consent to us processing your data in accordance with our "Privacy Policy" on the registration page of www.gbtevents.co.uk (our website) you will be unable to order a GBT membership, or become a member. By ordering the GBT membership, you agree to be bound by the "Agreement" and these terms and conditions. We reserve the right to amend the "Agreement" at anytime by giving you notice of the amendment on our website.

  1. Service Description: The “GBT Management & Events” is a membership service provided by “GBT” to the Member consisting of a portfolio of benefits from third party suppliers that are designed to make the Member’s experiences more attractive. The service specialises in providing benefits and discounts in golf clubs throughout the United Kingdom, as detailed in clause 5.
  2. Registration of your details: By placing a booking for the GBT Events, you warrant that you are legally capable of entering into binding contracts. You agree to provide GBT at registration either via our website, telephone or post ("registration") a correspondence address, both email and postal and either a credit/debit card or personal or business bank account ("billing device"). You must inform “GBT” immediately of any changes to your correspondence addresses by either calling “GBT” by telephone on 0161 871 0826 or emailing info@gbtevents.co.uk
  3. Commencement of membership: Upon registering and providing your details your membership will commence. You will be emailed details of your membership and will be able to use our website. You will be sent a membership card (either physical or digital) within 30 days of the registration (if you do not receive the membership card within 30 days you must inform “GBT”; if you do not inform “GBT” we will assume you have received your membership card).
  4. Risk and Title: The membership card and any benefits provided ("the products"), will be at your risk from the time of despatch. Ownership of the products, including but not limited to the membership card, is retained by “GBT” at all times.
  5. Accessing Membership Discounts: As a member you are granted exclusive access to the "Members Area" of our website where you can search for participating golf clubs, golf equipment suppliers, restaurants, businesses and the availability of offers. The discount provided by the third party suppliers varies. Please check the details for the individual company for specific details of the offer, including how the discount applies.
  6. Notices: “GBT” will alert you to revisions to this agreement including the membership fee with a minimum of 7 days’ notice, either on our website, email communication or by writing to you ("notice"). “GBT” is not liable for non-receipt of any notice, but will do its utmost to endeavour they are received and read by you. In proving any notice has been served by us it will be sufficient to prove that we addressed it and sent it to the address provided by you. In accordance with section 2 you must inform us of any changes to your details.
  7. Communication: For contractual purposes, you agree to electronic means of communication and you acknowledge that all contracts, notices, information and other communications that we provide to you electronically comply with any legal requirement that communications be in writing.
  8. Membership Fee: You agree that “GBT” will charge you each year for the GBT Events ("membership fee"). The amount the membership fee is will be detailed at your registration or via any subsequent notices. You authorise “GBT” ongoing and recurring permission to access funds from any billing device you have provided to “GBT” in order to take the membership fee or other charges.
  9. Event Charges: You agree that “GBT” will charge you per event that you have entered via the website or event subscription form and you authorise ”GBT” to access funds from any billing device you have provided to “GBT” to take event fee or other charges.
  10. Additional charges: “GBT” may levy additional charges that it incurs in recovering your membership fee, including legal and administration costs.
  11. Membership Term: We will grant you twelve months Membership starting from the 1st March each year and will be detailed in the registration. Your membership is automatically renewed at the end of your initial term and is automatically renewed at the end of each subsequent term until cancelled. If you do not wish to renew your membership you must contact our offices by telephone on 0161 871 0826 at any point within your current membership term, but at least 15 days before your membership term ends to obtain a cancellation code ("cancellation code").
  12. Lost membership cards: “GBT” will assume that you have received your membership card within 30 days of completing your Registration. If you do not receive your membership card within 30 days you must inform “GBT”. If you report your membership card as lost after 30 days you will be liable to pay for a replacement membership card.
  13. Cancelling your membership: In order to cancel your membership you must return all property of “GBT”, including but not limited to any membership cards that are valid for a term that has not yet been paid for. Before cancelling your membership you must telephone us on 0161 871 0826, to obtain a cancellation code, but at least 15 days before your membership term ends.
  14. Our Refund Policy and Your Consumer Rights:
    13.1 You have the right to cancel your initial term of membership with us within 14 days of joining ("cooling-off period").
    13.2 To cancel your membership, you must inform us in writing to our trading address: Golf & Business Together, 83 Ducie Street, Manchester, M1 2JQ
    13.3 If you cancel your membership within the cooling-off period, you will be entitled to a refund of your membership fee. Refunds will be subject to the return of your GBT Membership Card within 30 days of your cancellation. Subject to any other statutory rights you may have, we do not provide refunds for any cancellations after the cooling-off period has expired.
  15. Limitation of Liability: This section (and any other section excluding or restricting our liability) applies to “GBT”’s directors, officers, employees, subcontractors, agents and affiliated companies as well as to “GBT”. Nothing in your agreement in any way limits or excludes our liability for negligence causing death or personal injury or for fraudulent misrepresentation or for anything which may not legally be excluded or limited. Without prejudice to the rest of your agreement, “GBT”’s liability of any kind in respect of any services or otherwise shall be limited to the amount equal to fees payable by you in any 12 month period under your agreement. In no event will we be liable for any: (a) economic losses (including, without limit, loss of revenues, profits, contracts, business or anticipated savings); (b) loss of goodwill or reputation; (c) losses that you incur that were not reasonably foreseeable to you and “GBT” when your agreement was entered into, or damage to or loss of data, to the extent that this was not in the contemplation of “GBT” and you at the commencement of the membership period and is not attributable to “GBT”s negligence or breach of your agreement.
    “GBT” will not pay for losses arising from our inability to provide the services in the event of war, terrorism, invasion, an act of foreign enemy, hostilities (whether war be declared or not), riot, strike, civil commotion, civil war, revolution, insurrection or military or usurped power or for any reason that is beyond our reasonable control.
    “GBT” is not liable for any restaurant or third party provider that refuses to honour the advertised promotion or discount.
    Each of us agrees that our only liability in respect of those representations and warranties that are set out in this agreement (whether made innocently or negligently) will be for breach of contract.
    Nothing in this clause limits or excludes any liability for fraud.
  16. Changes and removal of third party suppliers: On occasions we will remove or amend offers or promotions provided by restaurants and other third party providers from GBT Management & Events. We endeavour to replace them with similar establishments but we shall have no liability for any such withdrawals or changes in terms or availability.
  17. Waiver: If we fail, at any time during the term of the agreement, to insist upon strict performance of any of your obligations under the agreement or any of these terms and conditions, or if we fail to exercise any of the rights or remedies to which we are entitled under the agreement, this will not constitute a waiver of such rights or remedies and will not relieve you from compliance with such obligations.