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Heswall Golf Club Results I would like to start this newsletter with a big thank you to everyone who attended our second event of the GBT Tour 2019, at Heswall Golf Club. Heswall is one of our seven new venues on this year's tour. It didn't let us down with its...

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2019-The New Rules Of Golf

In the hope of speeding up the game and making it simpler, the R&A and USGA’s new Rules of Golf were released at the start of the year. Here are the important changes every golfer needs to be aware of: Drop from knee height, NOT shoulder height Measure the area to...

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Golf is good for your health

Golf is a sport that is enjoyed by millions worldwide, and some of the health benefits listed below are a great reason to get outdoors and go golfing. Burns a lot of calories When playing 18 holes, you can accumulate up to 12,000 steps and burn an impressive 2,000...

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He’s back-and means business

His golfing achievements are spectacular. With 79 PGA tour wins and 14 majors, including the ‘Masters’ 4 times, Tiger Woods is one of the most successful golfers of all time. But injuries to his back resulting in surgery several times, and personal issues he was...

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